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What are my options for tutoring?

Jakarta Private Tutors offers a wide array of academic subjects to accommodate differing requirements. Pupils can opt for individual sessions for tailored, concentrated support or participate in group sessions for a more cooperative, cost-efficient learning experience. Our comprehensive collection of previous exams proves to be an indispensable tool for grasping the content and readying oneself for future assessments. Jakarta Private Tutors provides thorough progress reports to monitor students’ advancement and achievements, ensuring they remain on course.

Private Tutoring

Jakarta Private Tutors Area Covered: South and West Jakarta, Serpong, BSD, South Tangerang and Depok

The Private Home Tutoring service encompasses a wide range of school subjects, including Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English, Social Studies, Business Studies, and more. Our tutors are well-versed and have ample experience with the IB, Singaporean, and Cambridge curricula.

All of our tutors are experienced and professional. we have 3 catagories for tutors :

1. Expat Tutors
2. Local Tutors With Full English
3. Local Bilingual Tutors
4. For detail tuition fees, please go to tuition fees page.

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